Adobe Founders Tower

The Adobe Founders Tower Building in San Jose is a 1,300,000 square-foot-building that is 18 stories tall and is part of the Adobe Headquarters. The Founders Tower is the fourth tower in Adobe’s Headquarters, which was made to establish the future of Adobe. Magnum Drywall teamed up with the architect Gensler to bring this vision of the future to life. The building features an all-hands assembly space, a customer experience center, a café, and flexible workspaces on work floors. According to Gensler, the Adobe Founders Tower is the first all-electric building of this size in Silicon Valley that is “powered by 100% renewable energy, minimizing the building’s carbon footprint and furthering the company’s commitment to sustainability.” The entire Founders Tower is LEED-certified, as are the other three buildings at the Adobe Headquarters in San Jose.

An Award-Winning Project

The Adobe North Tower was honored with the 2024 Excellence in Construction Gold Award in the Office Above 50,000 Square Feet category from the Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA). There are 202,000 square feet of ceiling panels in this building, all of which were installed by the Magnum team.

Being part of the Adobe North Tower project was a rewarding experience, and we were honored to be part of it. We take pride in our work, and being chosen for this award, validates our dedication to quality.

Acoustical Ceilings All Around

The all-hands space can seat up to 300 people, and the Magnum Ceiling Division installed two-story decorative fins for acoustics, which integrates the theater lighting and specialized finishes. Our Ceiling Division provided tens of thousands of square feet of acoustical wallcovering systems and even more custom ceiling finishes. Acoustical ceilings are important for not only amplifying the sound in rooms like the all-hands space, but also for helping with soundproofing the offices and preventing voices from carrying in the larger workspaces.


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Adobe Founders Tower

Custom Graphics

The 18th executive floor of the Adobe Headquarters Founders Building in San Jose has special AV graphics display areas that were provided by Magnum’s Painting & Wallcoverings Division. It also has custom Armstrong ACGI wood and turf design felt fin ceiling systems. The entire building has custom graphics throughout.

Not Just a Workspace, a Community

The Adobe Founders Tower is intended to allow the team to come together and build connections while fostering creativity. There are over 400 environments throughout this building in San Jose, including “neighborhoods” for the different teams, drop-in desks, and collaboration areas. Adobe knows that by allowing their employees these different work areas, they can foster creativity by allowing them to connect a little more easily than they would in a traditional office space layout.

The Magnum Team

The Magnum Drywall Ceilings, Painting & Wallcoverings, and Division 10 Specialties teams all came together to bring Adobe’s vision for a large, creative, and collaborative space that is sustainable. The 1.3 million square foot building was an ambitious project that three of our divisions worked hard to bring to life. Magnum Drywall excels at bringing our client’s visions to life. Our skills and experience cannot be matched when it comes to executing projects; that’s why it’s one of our core values: “We do it right. On Time. Without Complaint.”

Whether you need something to the scale of the Adobe Headquarters Founders Tower in San Jose or you need something a little smaller done, the Magnum Team is here to help. We bring five trades together under a single team, so you only need to work with one contractor instead of multiple for one project. If you are ready to discuss your next project, contact Magnum Drywall today!