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For over 31 years, Magnum has provided the highest quality finishing services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our drywall, acoustical ceilings, painting and wallcoverings, plaster, and specialties divisions make Magnum a one-stop shop for all of your Division 09 and Division 10 needs. Our synergistic style results from the adherence and embodiment of Magnum’s core values.


Our employees are family. By working safely and respectfully together, we ensure a work environment that generates success both on the job and at home.

We Tell It Straight

Integrity is paramount. When there is a problem, it is best to tell it straight without sugarcoating it.


No matter the task, we do it on time, without complaint, and correctly the first time.

We Set the Standard

Our employee’s enthusiasm toward customer service allows us to respond quickly, rise under pressure, and complete the seemingly impossible.


We approach our work with a positive attitude that consistently produces creative solutions and winning outcomes for our team and customers. 

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Experienced Employees and Workers

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Passionate for what we do.

Excellence in service is not something that we take lightly. Each project and challenge presents us with an opportunity to exceed expectations and build value with our customers. We approach every project with an enthusiasm that’s contagious. There are no problems, only solutions.

As an industry leader, Magnum provides the highest quality craftsmanship, products, and communication on every project. Our ability to cover multiple finishing specialties under one roof creates a cohesiveness in planning and execution that eliminates coordination nightmares. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technology, industry trends, and materials to make sure your project stands out amongst the competition.

Our divisions work together to create Magnum Synergy

5 Trades | 1 Team | Built Your Way to Your Schedule

Magnum is a union commercial construction company that provides general contractors and developers in the San Francisco Bay Area with unique solutions. We allow you to streamline the finishing process by hiring one subcontractor for multiple project needs. At Magnum, we are experts in delivering drywall, acoustical ceiling, painting and wallcoverings, plaster, and Division 10 specialties services. Our commitment to quality, honesty, and fluid communication allows our five different divisions to work together seamlessly, creating what we call “Magnum-Synergy.” Our ability to perform in several trades means that no job is too big and no deadline is out of reach.

Unrivaled finishing expertise

Magnum’s proficiency in five different divisions under one roof makes us your go-to choice for any finishing project. In addition, many of our employees are cross-trained between trades, giving us an advantage when facing aggressive schedules. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to supply the absolute best products on every project.

This is where Magnum started! Our Drywall Division covers several disciplines such as metal stud framing, drywall, finishing, interior and exterior sheathing, and installation of insulation, sound ratings, and acoustical ceiling finishes.

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Acoustical Ceilings
We provide the whole range of commercial and industrial ceiling systems. Our Acoustical Ceiling Division specializes in everything from basic acoustical ceilings and grid systems to wood and acoustic wood ceilings, specialty, acoustical baffles, and cloud and panel ceilings.

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Painting and Wallcoverings
The Painting and Wallcovering Division provides a wide range of commercial and industrial coatings and wall coverings. This includes intumescent (fireproof) coating, interior painting, various exterior, core, and shell coatings, water-repellent coatings, wallcoverings, acoustic wall panel systems, FabriTRAK® and GeoTRAK® systems, and photoluminescent way-finding systems.

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Division 10 Specialties
Our estimators and project managers have over 60 years of experience working with Architectural Specialties. While the list of products and services for division 10 varies greatly by project, we routinely specialize in toilet partitions and accessories, lockers, visual displays, wall and corner protections, architectural and ADA signage, and fire protection. Call us to learn how we can help with other specialties not listed!

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The Plaster Division has the knowledge and expertise to deliver quality and time sensitive finishing services. This division’s scope encompasses three coat cement plaster, acoustic plaster, architectural wall paneling, EIFS/DEFS, interior plaster, and fireproofing.

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