Facebook FRE 110
Facebook decided to give its FRE 110 office building a complete remodeling project. The one-story building was completely gutted, and Magnum, along with the General Contractor, Herrero Builders, worked to construct a spacious and vibrant interior. We transformed this 130,000-square-foot building to create a light and pleasant atmosphere for employees. Magnum’s Drywall, Ceilings, Painting & Wallcoverings, and Division 10 Specialties worked hard to complete this building on a demanding schedule.
Drywall and Ceilings
Magnum’s Ceiling Division worked to design the exposed ceilings in the Facebook FRE 110 building, and we included work on mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) items.

Our Drywall Division installed new drywall throughout the building to replace everything that had been ripped out when the building was gutted.


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Facebook FRE 110

Painting to Spark Creativity

The Painting & Wallcoverings Division applied IdeaPaint throughout the walls in the building, which is a type of paint that you can write on with dry-erase markers so that if creativity sparks in one of their employees, all they need is a marker to write down their vision. The Painting & Wallcovering Division also painted the exterior of the Facebook FRE 110 building, encompassing all aluminum window mullions and related window wall system items.

We also installed Autex Acoustic panels throughout the building, to help with soundproofing the office space to prevent voices from carrying. With a single-story building and open workspaces, it is crucial to take steps to soundproof the office building; too much background noise can make it hard for employees to concentrate on their work.

A Special Finishing Touch

To put the finishing touches on the Facebook FRE 110 building, our Division 10 Specialties team added the fixtures throughout the building. We installed a unique wall bike rack to encourage employees to bike to work at the Fremont campus. Division 10 also installed lockers, window furnishings, and restroom equipment. That part of the Magnum team is what got the Fremont building completely ready for Facebook’s employees to move in and get to work.

Our Team
Magnum’s Drywall, Ceilings, Painting & Wallcoverings, and Division 10 Specialties teams worked together with Herrero Builders to meet a demanding schedule. The 130,000-square-foot office building was a large project that four of our five divisions worked hard together to complete.

Whether you are looking to completely remodel your office or you just need it painted by professionals, Magnum Drywall is here to get the job done for you. We bring five trades together under a single team, so you only need to work with one contractor instead of multiple for one project. Our skills and experience cannot be matched when it comes to executing projects; that’s why it’s one of our core values: “We do it right. On Time. Without Complaint.” If you are ready to discuss your next project, contact Magnum Drywall today!