Project Highlights: The Results of Magnum Synergy

The project highlights from Magnum Drywall’s best work display excellence across our divisions, leaving a lasting impression.
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Rincon Atrium

Source Planning & Construction

San Francisco, CA




The Rincon Center in Downtown San Francisco was built in 1940 and still stands tall today. In 2023, Rincon decided to create a five-story atrium in the courtyard, with a 200-foot-long skylight and a food court on the bottom level. Magnum’s Painting Division painted the walls of the atrium, ceilings, soffits, columns, and storefronts on the ground level to refresh the space. Magnum teamed up with Source Planning and Construction and the architect TEF Design to complete this project, which we finished four days ahead of a very aggressive schedule.


San Mateo, CA



Painting, Wallcovering, Acoustical Panels & Specialties (Division 10)

This is a 62,000 sf building that was completely remodeled to meet the needs of Zynga. Magnum’s scope in this project includes painting the walls, GWB walls, exposed ceilings, and accent walls. We furnished and installed Nika Vaev 1″ Ecoustic Panels in multiple locations of the Zynga building. The original acoustic panels they ordered arrived with defects and discoloration, so we replaced them with the Nika Vaev 1″ Ecoustic Panels, and they were happy with the result. Magnum also furnished restroom accessories, appliances, FECs, FEs, and even bike racks. We worked with the contractor Clune and the architect M Moser & Associates to bring this game company’s new building to life.
Photo credit for all images of the Zynga Office: Debbie Yost, Clune

Photo credit for all images of NVidia Voyager: Craig Cozart Photography

NVidia Voyager

2888 San Tomas Expy, Santa Clara, CA 95051



Acoustical Ceilings, Painting, Wallcovering, & Specialties

NVidia Voyager is the second NVidia headquarters site built at the Santa Clara, California location. Magnum completed the first project, NVidia Endeavor, in 2017. The Voyager project consisted of 750,000 total square feet. Magnum received multiple contract awards from the general contractor, Devcon Construction Inc., to execute scopes in four different divisions: painting, wallcovering, ceiling, and specialties. Magnum’s commitment to excellence and passion for what we do resulted in compliments on our adherence to tight schedules and quality of work from jobsite inspectors and Devcon Construction Inc. 
Photo credit for all images of NVidia Voyager: Craig Cozart Photography



3979 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA, 95054


Novo Construction



The Malwarebytes location in Santa Clara is on the 10th floor of a building. Magnum’s Specialties division teamed up with the contractor Novo Construction to work on this floor for them. Our Specialties division created custom-sized shower doors and shower stalls. We also installed toilet stalls, lockers, benches, cabinets, and other restroom and shower accessories. To finish off the project, we provided fire extinguishers for the Malwarebytes floor to help ensure their team’s safety.

Adobe Founders Tower


333 W San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95113

2021 - 2023


Ceilings, Painting, Wallcovering & Specialties

This is a 1,300,000 sf 18-story project featuring a multi-story all-hands assembly space, a customer experience center, café, and flexible work spaces on work floors.  The all-hands space seats 300 and Magnum’s Ceiling Division provided the 2-story decorative fins for acoustics which integrates the theater lighting and specialized finishes.  With tens of thousands of square feet of acoustical wallcovering systems and even more custom ceiling finishes, Magnum’s crews excelled in producing exciting spaces.  The 18th executive floor features special AV graphics display areas and acoustical panel sound mitigation provided by Magnum’s Wallcovering Division, as well as custom Armstrong ACGI wood and turf design felt fin ceiling systems.  Tailored custom graphics shine throughout.


San Jose, CA

2022 - 2023


Acoustical Ceilings, Painting & Wallcovering, Specialties

This over 25-year-old, 140,000 sq ft building underwent a complete remodeling to achieve a state-of-the-art atmosphere, both functionally and aesthetically. The project incorporated multiple custom ceiling finishes, covering more than 56,000 sq ft. These finishes included acoustical ceilings using Armstrong materials, beautiful 9-Wood ceiling assemblies, felt Arktura ceilings, and metal ceilings. The carefully chosen ceiling options splendidly complement the wallcoverings and panels, resulting in a truly stunning appearance.

Facebook FRE 110

Fremont, CA



Drywall, Ceilings, Painting & Wallcovering, and Specialties

Facebook FRE 110 underwent a one-story build-out, involving the complete gutting of the building and the construction of a spacious and vibrant interior. This transformation created a light and pleasant atmosphere for employees in the 130,000-square-foot, single-story facility. Magnum performed multiple services, including drywall, ceilings, painting & wallcovering, and specialties. Collaborating with the General Contractor, Herrero Builders, Magnum successfully met the demanding schedule. Extensive work was done on exposed ceilings and MEP items, including the application of Idea Paint liquid marker board walls throughout the facility. Additionally, the project included an exterior repaint, encompassing all aluminum window mullions and related window wall system items. The Wallcovering Division installed Autex panels throughout, while the Specialties Division added fixture equipment, completing the building’s readiness for occupancy.

PayPal Park


San Jose, CA



Painting & Wallcoverings

This project consists of the development of a 14.5 acre site to accommodate an 18,000 seat Major League Soccer stadium with a 24,000 SF team office building. The stadium consists of 16 luxury suites, a press box, and concession stands. It features a steel structure with aluminum decking, CMU concourse buildings, metal panels, metal screening and a partial canopy. The office building, which is a steel structure with glass, metal panel and CMU skin, consists of office space, team lockers and showers, coach and referee facilities, ticketing office, and physical therapy/training areas. The Epicenter Fan Zone covers two acres and includes a sustainable stadium garden. Green features also include 882 solar panels in the VIP parking lot, reclaimed redwood from Moffett Field’s famed Hangar One to panel the press box, as well as 90% of recycled steel. This project boasts the largest outdoor bar in North America, under the scoreboard.
Photo credit for all images of PayPal Park: Craig Cozart Photography

Photo credit for all images of the John Muir Health OCS: Swinerton Builders

John Muir Health Walnut Creek Outpatient Specialty Center

Walnut Creek, CA


Swinerton Builders


Painting & Wallcovering

John Muir Health constructed a new Outpatient Specialty Center in Walnut Creek — a 155,176 square-foot with a 125′ long tunnel connecting the parking structure to the center. The building has a concrete frame with a MAT foundation that is wrapped in a façade composed of EIFS, ACM panels, punched aluminum windows, and glass curtain wall systems. Our award-winning Painting & Wallcoverings Division painted the interior of the three-story building, including installation of beautiful, custom graphics.