NVidia Voyager

Construction of NVidia Voyager started in 2019 and finished in 2022. NVidia Voyager is the second NVidia headquarters site built at the Santa Clara, California location. Magnum completed the first project, NVidia Endeavor, in 2017. The Voyager project consisted of 750,000 total square feet. Magnum received multiple contract awards from general contractor, Devcon Construction Inc., to execute scopes in four different divisions: painting, wallcovering, ceiling, and specialties. Magnum’s commitment to excellence and passion for what we do resulted in compliments on our adherence to tight schedules and quality of work from jobsite inspectors and Devcon Construction Inc.

An Award-Winning Project

We’re absolutely thrilled to share that we’ve been honored with the prestigious “New Construction” award from the Commercial Painting Industry Association – The CPIA & Technology Publishing Company’s Elevation Awards, recognizing our exceptional contributions to this project.

Being a part of the Nvidia Voyager project was a truly rewarding experience. We take immense pride in our work, and being chosen for this award, further validates our dedication to quality and professionalism. This recognition is a source of inspiration for us to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence in future endeavors.

Painting Project Specifics

Magnum’s Painting Division turned out a top-rate professional project under the supervision and direction of Foreman Dan Marynak using multiple Sherwin Williams products. Our team top-coated 620,000 sq.ft. of exposed ceiling areas, coated 445,000 sq.ft. of interior walls, painted 896,000 sq.ft. of parking garage surfaces, covered 127,000 sq.ft. of exterior steel, and primed over 40,000 sq.ft. of walls for the Wallcovering division to complete their scope.


2888 San Tomas Expressway,
Santa Clara, CA  95051



Acoustical Ceilings, Painting, Wallcovering, & Specialties


Devcon Construction, Inc.


Jim Johnson



NVidia Voyager

Intumescent Project Coordination

Fireproofing is required by code on steel members of multi-story buildings, and when the structural skeleton is exposed, intumescent coatings can provide a great architectural aesthetic while at the same time meeting the code requirements. We applied several thousand gallons of Carboline’s ThermoSorb intumescent paint on all of the exposed primary beams and columns throughout the facility, coordinating closely with Carboline and Devcon Construction, Inc. to meet strict timelines for the project.

Our Team

Magnum crews showed what it means to be ‘All One Safe Team’, utilizing cross-trained employees within the context of Magnum’s multiple project scopes on this project while addressing obstacles such as inclement weather, rigging and staging challenges, and precise application and installation of high-end materials, many as high as 91’ from the floor below.  Over the almost three years Magnum teams were on the project, we worked together to achieve an award-winning finished product.

Photo credit for all images of NVidia Voyager: Craig Cozart Photography