PayPal Park

The PayPal Park in San Jose is a 14.5-acre site that accommodates an 18,000-seat Major League Soccer stadium with a 24,000-square-foot office building for the team. There are also luxury suites, a press box, and concession stands. It features a steel structure with aluminum decking, CMU concourse buildings, metal panels, metal screening, and a partial canopy. The office building, which is a steel structure with glass, metal panels, and CMU skin, consists of office space, team lockers and showers, coach and referee facilities, a ticketing office, and physical therapy/training areas.

The Epicenter Fan Zone covers two acres and includes a sustainable stadium garden. Green features also include 882 solar panels in the VIP parking lot, reclaimed redwood from Moffett Field’s famed Hangar One to panel the press box, and 90% recycled steel. This project boasts the largest outdoor bar in North America under the scoreboard.

PayPal Park was originally the Avaya Stadium and the Earthquakes Stadium because it is the home stadium of the Major League Soccer team, the San Jose Earthquakes, as well as the National Women’s Soccer League team, Bay FC.

Magnum’s Painting and Wallcoverings Division worked with the developer Hok to complete this colossal project.

Painting the Park

The Magnum Painting Division painted the entire building, inside and out, and also added custom graphics for the branding of the PayPal Park stadium.

Adding Depth with Wall Panels

The Wallcovering Division put up wooden wall panels around the doors to enter the stadium, giving the walls a little more depth and character than they initially had. These are also a unique touch since this is not something that many other soccer stadiums have.


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PayPal Park

Magnum’s Painting and Wallcoverings Team
Magnum has one of the biggest painting and wallcovering union crews in Northern California, and they were pushed to the limits working on the walls of the PayPal Park stadium in San Jose. Our team has completed dozens of painting and wallcovering projects that have been nominated for and won numerous awards. The award-winning team completes tens of millions of dollars of painting projects every year.

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The Magnum Drywall Team

Magnum Drywall has skills and experience that cannot be matched when it comes to executing projects; that’s why it’s one of our core values: “We do it right. On Time. Without Complaint.” Our team excels at bringing our client’s visions to life. Overall, the Magnum Painting and Wallcoverings division did an excellent job coming together and completing this massive San Jose soccer stadium on time.

Whether you need some custom painting in your building or a bigger, more ambitious project completed like PayPal Park, contact Magnum Drywall today! We bring five trades together under a single team, so you only need to work with one contractor instead of multiple for one project.