Plaster Contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area

At Magnum Drywall, our team of contractors specializes in plaster wall installation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you need interior or exterior plaster walls, stucco, acoustic plaster, or fireproof plaster, our expertise and dedication are unmatched.

Magnum Drywall unites five different trades under one roof, so you can hire one contractor for your project. We’re passionate about providing quality craftsmanship in all of our trades, whether you need plaster, acoustical ceilings, drywall, division 10 specialties, or painting & wallcovering. Let’s look at the benefits of hiring professional plaster wall contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area.


5 Trades. 1 Team. Built Your Way to Your Schedule.

We’re more than just contractors; we’re your partner in progress. Our five divisions are perfectly unified under Magnum Drywall, and they’re balanced to engineer custom solutions effectively based on our clients’ preferred timeframes. We call this Magnum Synergy, and it resonates with our central values of timeliness and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.



We’re the top plaster contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area that specialize in commercial buildings. With over 30 years of experience, we can expertly handle every aspect of plaster wall installation, ensuring custom, high-quality work that is designed to last. Our plaster services include:

      • Three Coat Cement Plaster: Three coat cement stucco plaster is applied in three layers: 3/8-inch thick scratch coat, 3/8-inch thick brown coat, and approximately 1/8-inch thick finish coat. The first two coats are applied with a pre-blended lime-sand mixture that has been specifically formulated for uniform consistency.
      • Acoustic Plaster: Acoustic plaster is plaster that contains fibers or aggregates so that it absorbs sound.
      • Architectural Wall Paneling: This type of plaster wall paneling mimics the look of materials such as wood, concrete, and brick, but they are installed on a hidden track system. They feature a built in rainscreen that offers moisture management and are best suited for commercial applications.
  • Exterior Insulated and Finish Systems: Exterior Insulated and Finish Systems (EIFS) is an exterior wall cladding that utilizes rigid insulation boards on exterior wall sheathing to provide an insulated and water resistant finished surface.
  • Direct-Applied Exterior Finish Systems: Direct-Applied Exterior Finish Systems (DEFS) is an application of EIFS laminated directly to sheathing without the rigid expanded polystyrene foam layer.
  • Fireproofing: Fireproofing is the process of filling openings and joints between walls and floors with fire-resistant materials. Magnum has the experience and knowledge to perform efficiently and effectively.


Magnum Drywall’s team has over 30 years of experience as contractors in the Bay Area. We work hard to deliver beautiful, high-quality painting and wallcoverings and other services for businesses in the area, making the process streamlined from start to finish.

      • “We do it right.” On Time. Without Complaint.
      • Magnum Drywall puts safety first.
      • We offer honesty and transparency.
      • We set high-quality standards.
      • Magnum’s team is passionate about what we do.
      • Magnum Drywall is locally owned.
      • We’re seasoned painting and wallcovering experts in the Bay Area.

The Magnum Drywall team of contractors specializes in stucco plaster wall installation, offering stucco plaster, acoustic plaster, fireproofing, wall paneling, EIFS, and DEFS. We use only the highest-quality materials for our plaster wall installation and combine five trades under one company, so if you need drywall, painting, or even specialty items, you can utilize one contractor for your entire project.

If you are ready to get started on your new project in San Jose or elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Magnum Drywall today. Our team of experts knows how to get the job done right the first time.


FRE 110

Facebook FRE 110 underwent a one-story build-out, involving the complete gutting of the building and the construction of a spacious and vibrant interior. Magnum performed multiple services, including drywall, ceilings, painting & wallcovering, and specialties. Extensive work was done on exposed ceilings and MEP items, including the application of Idea Paint liquid marker board walls throughout the facility. Additionally, the project included an exterior repaint, encompassing all aluminum window mullions and related window wall system items. The Wallcovering Division installed Autex panels throughout, while the Specialties Division added fixture equipment, completing the building’s readiness for occupancy.

These painting & wallcovering projects highlight Magnum’s expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional quality across all five trades.