Acoustical Ceiling Contractors San Francisco

At Magnum Drywall, we specialize in acoustical ceiling services. If your building doesn’t have the best soundproofing and you need to improve it, investing in an acoustical ceiling in San Francisco or anywhere else in the Bay Area, the expertise and dedication of our contractors are unmatched.

Magnum unites five trades under one roof, so you won’t need to hire multiple contractors for your project. We are passionate about providing quality craftsmanship in all of our trades. In addition to acoustical ceilings, Magnum Drywall also offers drywall, painting & wallcoverings, plaster, and specialties services. We’ve outlined the benefits of hiring professional acoustical ceiling contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area.


5 Trades. 1 Team. Built Your Way to Your Schedule.

We’re more than just contractors; we’re your partner in progress. Our five divisions are perfectly unified under Magnum Drywall, and they’re balanced to engineer custom solutions effectively based on our clients’ preferred timeframes. We call this Magnum Synergy, and it resonates with our central values of timeliness and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

What types of acoustical ceilings are there?

The acoustical ceiling contractors at Magnum Drywall in San Francisco offer a whole range of commercial and industrial acoustic ceilings.

    • Acoustical Ceilings: A T-grid system that’s pretty standard in schools and offices.
    • Acoustic Wood Ceilings: A wooden ceiling can bring a sense of comfort and richness to a building, which is why Magnum offers slotted wooden veneer acoustical ceiling panels.
    • Baffles and Clouds: Baffles and clouds hang suspended from the ceiling, reducing background noise.
    • Specialty Acoustical Ceilings: We can install acoustical ceilings in any shape, material, or color and integrate lighting and light refraction in addition to mitigating sound.



We’re the top acoustical ceiling contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in commercial buildings. Magnum has over 30 years of experience and we can expertly handle every aspect of acoustical ceiling installation, ensuring custom, high-quality work that’s designed to last. Our acoustical ceiling services include:

      • Acoustical Ceilings: Acoustical ceiling tile and grid systems are a mainstay for America’s office ceiling environments. Whether it’s a monolithic style or an innovative system, Magnum delivers high-performance and clean-lined designs at excellent price points.
      • Wood Ceilings & Acoustic Wood Ceilings: Slotted wood veneer panel systems are a great choice to increase sound absorption and enhance the quality of sound within a space. Magnum works with the world’s best custom wood ceiling products and has a crew that consistently delivers with precision.
      • Specialty Ceilings: Our contractors have experience installing ceilings of every shape, material, and color in coordination with integrated lighting, sound mitigation, and a range of light refraction methods.
      • Acoustical Baffles, Clouds, & Panel Ceilings: Through the use of acoustical ceiling baffles, clouds, and panels, we can create a magnificent interior that improves the soundproofing in a building.


Magnum Drywall’s team has over 30 years of experience as contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work hard to deliver beautiful, high-quality acoustical ceilings and other services for businesses in the area, making the process streamlined from start to finish.

      • “We do it right.” On Time. Without Complaint.
      • Magnum Drywall puts safety first.
      • We offer honesty and transparency.
      • We set high-quality standards.
      • Magnum’s team is passionate about what we do.
      • Magnum Drywall is locally owned.
      • We’re seasoned acoustical ceiling experts in the Bay Area.

The Magnum Drywall team of contractors specializes in acoustical ceilings, offering acoustical ceilings, wood ceilings, baffles, clouds, and specialty ceilings. Using only the best quality eco-friendly materials for our acoustical ceilings, we stick with our commitment to set high-quality standards. Combining five trades under one company, we’re the optimal choice for drywall, painting, specialty items, and more, without needing to utilize different companies for each part of your project.

If you are ready to get started on your new project in San Jose or elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Magnum Drywall today. Our team of experts knows how to get the job done right the first time.

Acoustical Ceiling SERVICES


NVidia Voyager is the second NVidia headquarters site built at the Santa Clara, California location. Magnum completed the first project, NVidia Endeavor, in 2017. The Voyager project consisted of 750,000 total square feet. Magnum received multiple contract awards from the general contractor, Devcon Construction Inc., to execute scopes in four different divisions: painting, wallcovering, ceiling, and specialties. Magnum’s commitment to excellence and passion for what we do resulted in compliments on our adherence to tight schedules and quality of work from jobsite inspectors and Devcon Construction Inc.


This is a 1,300,000 sf 18-story project featuring a multi-story all-hands assembly space, a customer experience center, café, and flexible work spaces on work floors. The all-hands space seats 300 and Magnum’s Ceiling Division provided the 2-story decorative fins for acoustics which integrates the theater lighting and specialized finishes. With tens of thousands of square feet of acoustical wallcovering systems and even more custom ceiling finishes, Magnum’s crews excelled in producing exciting spaces. The 18th executive floor features special AV graphics display areas and acoustical panel sound mitigation provided by Magnum’s Wallcovering Division, as well as custom Armstrong ACGI wood and turf design felt fin ceiling systems. Tailored custom graphics shine throughout.


This over 25-year-old, 140,000 sq ft building underwent a complete remodeling to achieve a state-of-the-art atmosphere, both functionally and aesthetically. The project incorporated multiple custom ceiling finishes, covering more than 56,000 sq ft. These finishes included acoustical ceilings using Armstrong materials, beautiful 9-Wood ceiling assemblies, felt Arktura ceilings, and metal ceilings. The carefully chosen ceiling options splendidly complement the wallcoverings and panels, resulting in a truly stunning appearance.

FRE 110

Facebook FRE 110 underwent a one-story build-out, involving the complete gutting of the building and the construction of a spacious and vibrant interior. Magnum performed multiple services, including drywall, ceilings, painting & wallcovering, and specialties. Extensive work was done on exposed ceilings and MEP items, including the application of Idea Paint liquid marker board walls throughout the facility. Additionally, the project included an exterior repaint, encompassing all aluminum window mullions and related window wall system items. The Wallcovering Division installed Autex panels throughout, while the Specialties Division added fixture equipment, completing the building’s readiness for occupancy.

These acoustical ceiling projects highlight Magnum’s expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional quality across all five trades.