Malwarebytes Project

Malwarebytes, the cyber security company, has a 25,000-square-foot office space on the 10th floor of a building in Santa Clara, California. In 2016, Malwarebytes brought in the contractor Novo Construction and architect and interior design firm Blitz to work on a remodeling project that included adding a full-service gym and locker room. They also added a kitchen area that provides healthy snacks for their employees, as well as a bigger breakout meeting space. Magnum Drywall’s Division 10 Specialties department was brought in to put the finishing touches on the office space.

Malwarebytes wanted to put a bigger focus on the health and wellness of their employees, as well as professional enrichment, which is why the company added the full-service gym and locker area to their office space.

Division 10 Specialties Specifics

Magnum’s team came into the Malwarebytes building project to give the 10th floor its finishing touches. We created custom-sized shower doors and shower stalls for the locker rooms. The Specialties team also installed toilet stalls, lockers, benches, cabinets, and other restroom and shower accessories. We finished off the project by furnishing the Malwarebytes offices with fire extinguishers to help ensure their team’s safety.


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What are Division 10 Specialties

The Division 10 Specialties part of Magnum Drywall covers the specialty materials and products for construction projects. These are what you use to add the finishing touches to a building, which is why Magnum’s Division 10 was brought in for the Malwarebytes project. The shower doors and stalls, toilet stalls, cabinets, lockers, benches, fire extinguishers, and other restroom and shower accessories all fall under Division 10 Specialties.

These materials, while important, do not fall under standard construction divisions, like plaster, drywall, and painting, so they are put together with other similar materials into Division 10 Specialties, which is standard in the construction industry. They are all grouped in Division 10 so that there is no confusion between contractors, engineers, and architects when planning and executing projects.

Our Team

The Magnum Drywall Division 10 team worked hard to customize the shower stalls and doors for the locker rooms. We ensured that the specialty restroom accessories in the Malwarebytes project were all coordinated to match the color scheme of the rest of the office spaces, creating a seamless look and a beautiful design aesthetic. Overall, the Magnum Drywall team did an excellent job at putting the finishing touches on the Malwarebytes office space remodeling project.

Whether you need to add some finishing touches to a building, like Magnum did with this project, or you need something a little bigger completed, contact Magnum Drywall today!