Zynga purchased this 62,000 square foot building in San Mateo, California, to move their headquarters to so they could decrease their carbon footprint. The building had to be completely remodeled to meet Zynga’s needs, bringing in Magnum Drywall, the contractor Clune, and the architect M Moser & Associates to bring this game company’s ideas for a new building to life. Magnum’s Painting, Wallcovering, Acoustical Panels, and Specialties divisions all worked hard to complete our part of the project. The Zynga building was completed in 2022.

A Simple and Beautiful Design

Magnum painted the walls throughout the building and installed our gypsum wall boards. We also included some accent walls and exposed ceilings. Magnum also included some of Zynga’s custom graphics in the wall projects. Our team also painted the beautiful, exposed ceilings throughout the 62,000 square foot building, giving them a tasteful and attractive ceiling that they can admire when those inside look up.

As a game development company, it was important to Zynga to ensure that their employees had a fun and relaxed atmosphere that would help foster their creativity. When Magnum’s Painting & Wallcovering team painted the walls of the building, that was something we kept in mind and strived to do.


San Mateo, California


Painting, Wallcovering, Acoustical Panels, & Specialties (Division 10)







M Moser & Associates


Acoustical Panel Problems

The acoustic panels that Zynga initially wanted had a manufacturing problem, and they were delivered with defects and discoloration, so we had to replace them. With our expertise in the field, we were able to find them the best replacement that was close to what they initially wanted. Magnum provided them with Unika Vaev 1″ Ecoustic Panels as a substitute, installing them in multiple places throughout the building. Zynga was happy with the final results. These panels will help with soundproofing the Zynga building, allowing for more privacy in meeting rooms and other focus areas where they need to concentrate without noise filtering in from other rooms.

Zynga Specialty Furnishings

The Magnum Drywall Specialties division provided different furnishings throughout the Zynga building. These include toilet partitions, toilet accessories, and mirrors in the restrooms. In the break rooms, we provided fridges, Kegerators, dishwashers, and coffee bar items. We also added fire extinguisher cabinets and the fire extinguishers themselves. The final touches our specialties department added were bike racks and corner guards.

Zynga’s decision to relocate its headquarters was primarily motivated by a commitment to mitigate its carbon footprint. Zynga actively fosters a culture of sustainable commuting practices, encouraging its employees to utilize biking as a mode of transportation whenever possible. In alignment with this sustainability initiative, the installation of bike racks is an integral part of the new building’s infrastructure.