Rincon Atrium

The Rincon Center is a massive complex of stores, restaurants, apartments, and offices that was built in 1940 in San Francisco, California. In 2020, the Rincon Center decided to create a massive five-story atrium in the courtyard of the building, complete with a 200-foot-long skylight. Magnum Drywall’s Painting division teamed up with the contractor Source Planning and Construction and the architect TEF Design to bring this to life.

Painting From Up High

Magnum’s Painting Division did a wonderful job painting the Rincon Atrium. The general contractor had to provide us with two atrium lifts to complete the job, one that had a range of 95 feet and the other lift that had a range of 100 feet. We had a very aggressive schedule to complete this project, and we finished it four days early. For the part of the building that was over 80 feet high, we also installed Gypsum board ceilings, which we painted after installation. We also painted all of the storefronts on the first level of the Rincon Atrium, the guard rails, and support columns throughout the building.


San Francisco, CA




Hudson Properties


Source Planning and Construction


TEF Design
Rincon Atrium
Sleek Design
The Atrium is the main focal point for the Rincon Center, so we worked hard to make it into a sleek and simple, yet elegant design. Some of the finishing touches on the Atrium include plants on the ground level and some planter boxes with greenery on the balconies of the building that tied the entire design together.

Painting & Wallcovering Division

The Magnum Drywall Painting and Wallcovering Division is award-winning and completes tens of millions of dollars of interior painting projects every year. We have the largest painting and wallcoverings crew in Northern California, so no job is too big for us, and we have enough people to meet any schedule, even if it is as aggressive as the Rincon Atrium project was. If you are painting your commercial or industrial building, investing in the painting experts at Magnum Drywall means you will have a beautiful and professional-looking paint job, which will give your building a more polished look than if you were to DIY it.

The Magnum Team

Working with architects to bring their modern visions to life is something Magnum Drywall excels at and enjoys doing. Our skills and experience cannot be matched when it comes to executing projects; that’s why it’s one of our core values: “We do it right. On Time. Without Complaint.” Overall, the Magnum Painting and Wallcoverings division did an excellent job coming together and completing this beautiful project at the Rincon Atrium on time, and it looks beautiful. Whether you need some custom painting in your building or a bigger, more ambitious project completed, contact Magnum Drywall today! We bring five trades together under a single team, so you only need to work with one contractor instead of multiple for one project.