Drywall is an affordable and durable material for walls that can be customized to fit the interior walls of homes and commercial buildings. That is why drywall is one of the most used materials for interior walls in the United States. However, if you want to get the most out of your drywall, it needs to be maintained properly. To help you keep your walls looking great, we have put together these drywall maintenance tips for you.

Keep Furniture Away from the Wall

When furniture is constantly being knocked into walls, it can damage your walls. Try to place the furniture a little bit away from the walls so that the walls will not get scuffed when you sit down, adjust the furniture, or move in a chair. When you are moving furniture around, try to keep it from bumping into the walls.

Use Door Stoppers

You want to keep doors from knocking into your drywall because they can dent or scratch the walls or leave holes. Getting doorstops can help prevent that damage and keep your drywall looking great.

Dust the Walls

It might sound silly to dust walls, but dust can build up over time and cause damage to your drywall. While the damage is small, it can add up and become a much bigger issue for your walls than you would have thought. This is especially important if you have older walls since many modern paints and wallpapers are resistant to dust. Dusting the drywall will also allow you to look more closely at the walls so you can see if there is any damage to them. You will be able to find any small cracks or holes that you may not notice otherwise.

Wash the Walls

After you dust your walls, if the wallpaper or paint you have on them can handle it, wash the walls. Keep in mind that drywall is not naturally resistant to water, so be careful with the amount of water you are using to wash them, and make sure the walls do not get saturated.

Try using a cellulose sponge that is soaked in water and well wrung out, having a minimal amount of water on it. This should give you only enough water to clean the walls without damaging them. It is not recommended to use a Magic Eraser on your walls, as the abrasiveness and ingredient formaldehyde are both known to damage walls.

If your drywall is not painted or finished, do not wash it because it will be more vulnerable to water than a painted wall.

Paint the Walls

Painting your walls is a good way to help take care of them. You are covering any stains that you are unable to wash off, and a fresh coat of paint can make a room feel cleaner. It also gives your drywall an additional layer of protection.

Fill in Small Holes as Needed

The nails, tacks, and screws that you put in the wall to hang things can add up over time. You remove a picture and its nail, and the tiny hole the nail is leaving behind is not noticeable unless you are looking closely. However, those little holes can add up. These are easy to fill in and will make your wall look as good as new. If you are painting, you will want to fill in these little holes beforehand, but it can end up being a lot more work if you have to fill them in all at once. Plus, filling in these unused holes will help protect the wall overall and keep dust out of your drywall.

Odor Control

Walls can absorb odors, like those from cooking, pets, smoke, and more over time. By washing your walls frequently and repainting as needed, you can control the odors in your walls. There are also some paints that are made to help prevent odors from being absorbed into the walls.

Popped Nails Repair

The joists and wall studs in drywall installation can potentially pop out over time, and the panels can start to feel loose or disjointed. If you feel that, instead of trying to DIY repair it, reach out to drywall professionals to have it repaired right.

Get Water Damage Repaired Right Away

There is always a chance that a pipe bursts and your walls get damaged. Sometimes, the damage is not discovered right away, and it can significantly damage your walls, causing mold and bacteria to grow. If you discover water damage after you have a plumber make repairs to your pipes, it is crucial that you have your drywall repaired as quickly as possible.

Get Drywall Repaired Right

If your drywall has damage or big holes in it, while you can try to DIY your own repairs, it is better to have a professional make the repairs. Trying to repair your company’s drywall by yourself can end up potentially causing more damage or issues later on down the road.

The experts at Magnum Drywall can make your drywall repairs the right way. Drywall requires special tools to install and repair, and our team can ensure that your investment in your commercial walls pays off. Contact Magnum Drywall today to get started on your drywall project!