Main Types of Acoustical Panels

No matter what type of commercial building you have, if you have thin walls or a large space that echoes, acoustical walls or ceiling panels are a great way to soundproof a building. Open-plan office spaces and big warehouses have become popular designs, but these bigger open spaces tend to carry sound. Too much sound carrying can distract people trying to focus on their work. Because of this, acoustical wall panels have grown in popularity for businesses everywhere. As the need for acoustical wall panels rises, many different types of panels are available. Let’s take a look at the main types of acoustical panels.

How do acoustical panels work?

When sound hits a hard surface, it will bounce off and reflect into the room. In an open-concept office space, or if the walls are just a little too thin in your building, the sound bouncing off of surfaces can make it travel. This can make it hard for people to concentrate on their work, and it can make it hard to maintain privacy.

Acoustic wall and ceiling panels work by absorbing and trapping sound inside of them, keeping them from bouncing further. Constructed from porous materials, these panels allow sound to permeate and be captured, enhancing sound control. Having acoustic panels is beneficial in your building because it will dampen ambient noises, give people more privacy, and reduce overall noise so everyone can concentrate better on their work without too much sound echoing in the room.

Types of Acoustical Panels

Now that we know a little more about how acoustical panels work and the benefits of using acoustic panels, let’s look at the main types of panels available.

Fabric Acoustical Wall Panels

Fabric-wrapped acoustical wall panels are one of the most popular types of acoustical panels. Magnum is a licensed distributor of FabriTRAK® and LEED-v4-certified GeoTRAK® wall and ceiling panels. The great thing about these fabric panels is that you can replace the fabric at any time without having to take down the Trak base, so you can customize and update your panels at any time.

Acoustical Wood Panels

Wooden walls and ceilings can add a sense of richness to a room. Wood is also an excellent soundproofing material because it is porous. You can fully customize wooden walls or ceilings, too, allowing you to showcase your business’s unique style and brand.

Suspended Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic ceiling clouds are elegantly suspended panels designed to allow sound to pass through, effectively capturing and containing it between the clouds and the ceiling. These bespoke solutions offer limitless customization possibilities, transforming spaces with both exceptional sound management and stunning artistic flair.

Ceiling Baffles

Acoustic baffles are similar to clouds but are rectangular panels hung vertically. They can still be customized, though not quite as much as clouds. They can be in varying sizes and colors, creating unique designs in how they are hung.

Specialty Acoustical Ceilings

The Magnum Drywall Ceiling Division can create a custom acoustic ceiling in any shape, material, and color. We will even integrate the lighting and help with light refraction. Whatever design you have in mind, our experts can bring it to life.

What types of buildings benefit from acoustic panels?

Most commercial buildings can benefit from soundproofing by using acoustical wall panels or ceilings. Soundproofing is great in a lot of spaces, including:

  • Auditoriums: You want sound in an auditorium to be clear. However,  background noise can often disrupt this clarity, creating echoes and making it challenging for the audience to understand what is being said on stage. Acoustical panels serve to minimize this background noise, thereby enhancing sound clarity and ensuring a more enjoyable and immersive experience for the audience.
  • Condos: These panels are perfect for condominiums, effectively curbing sound transmission between units. In shared living environments, noise from neighboring units can be a nuisance. By absorbing sound, these panels ensure a quieter and more enjoyable living experience for residents.
  • Dance Studios: Given the often loud music in dance studios, it’s important to prevent sound from spilling between rooms. Acoustical panels effectively isolate the music within each space, maintaining a focused environment for dancers.
  • Hotels: Thin walls in hotel rooms can lead to an unpleasant experience for guests, as noise easily travels between rooms. Acoustical panels help by making rooms quieter and guests happier.
  • Library: This can help keep the library quieter by reducing echo.
  • Offices: In offices, too much noise can be distracting and invade privacy. Acoustical panels help by reducing sound, making the environment quieter for better focus and privacy.
  • Warehouses: These are typically made of concrete and metal, surfaces that sound can easily bounce off. It can also help reduce the noise of machines in warehouses or industrial buildings.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to soundproofing your building, there are many different types of acoustical wall and ceiling panels to choose from. If you’re ready to get started on soundproofing your building, contact Magnum Drywall today! We’ll work with you to ensure your building is soundproofed with only the highest quality materials that reflect the look and feel of your brand.