One of the primary construction materials that is used in walls and ceilings is drywall. While it is a durable material, it will need to be replaced sometimes. Taking care of it will help extend the drywall’s lifespan, but it will still need some work every once in a while. If your office building has a drywall ceiling, keeping an eye on its condition is important, and if you are unsure if it needs repairs or replacement, read on; here, we have put together a list of signs that it is time to replace your drywall ceiling.

1. There Are Water Stains in the Ceiling

Look at the ceiling. Do you see any water stains in it? Have they recently appeared or started getting bigger over time? These are a big indicator that there is something wrong with your ceiling and possibly your roof or interior plumbing. Before the water stains on your ceiling get worse, it is time to contact a professional drywall contractor to have your ceiling damage assessed and repaired. The stains may be caused by a bigger issue, but it is crucial that while addressing the bigger issue, you also work to get your drywall repaired.

Some of the bigger issues that may be that there is a leak in the roof or the sprinklers are misaligned.

If the ceiling is sagging or pillowing, that is a sign of water damage that will definitely need to be replaced. Your ceiling will probably need new insulation and spacers, as well as some roof or plumbing repairs to address the water damage.

The sooner you address any water related damages to your ceiling — and the rest of your building — the better. Water damages can cost thousands to repair the longer they sit, and your insurance may not cover the cost of repairs if the water damage goes unaddressed for too long.

2. Increased Energy Costs

A good ceiling will help insulate the building and lower your heating and cooling costs. If your drywall ceiling is getting old, the insulation might not be working well enough. When your heating and cooling costs start to go up, and it seems to be taking more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature in your office building, it may be time to replace your drywall ceiling.

3. Moldy Smells in a Room

Do parts of your commercial building smell moldy or musty? There might be some water damage in the ceiling that you have not noticed yet, but that scent can indicate there is a bigger issue going on, and you might have water damage.

4. There is Visible Damage

Is there visible damage to your ceiling? Whether you see the drywall cracking or chipping, visible damage is definitely a sign that you need to replace your drywall ceiling. You also might see small holes in the ceiling, which indicates that you may need to have your ceiling repaired or replaced.

5. Paint Peeling

Paint is going to peel eventually, but if it is continuously peeling, it might be a sign that it is time to replace the ceiling. This is especially true if the paint starts peeling not too long after repainting it; it is definitely time for a replacement.

6. Hear Loud Noises from Above

If your business is in a building that has multiple stories, and you suddenly start hearing loud noises from people walking around above you, this might mean that you need to replace the drywall since your soundproofing is not working as well as it should.

Even if you are in a one story building, you may also hear some groaning, creaking, or cracking noises from above you — your business is not haunted; it is your ceiling telling you that you need to replace it.

Can I DIY Drywall Ceiling Repairs?

While sometimes it can be tempting to try to DIY your ceiling repairs, drywall is best replaced or repaired by professionals. They will also be able to determine if repair or replacement is the best option for your ceiling. Additionally, there is always the possibility that there might be something bigger wrong with your ceiling that a professional might notice that you may not be able to recognize if you DIY your drywall ceiling.

What should I consider when hiring a drywall contractor to replace the ceiling?

When you plan to work with a contractor, there are some criteria that you should keep in mind before settling on what contractor to hire. Always make sure that the drywall contractor:

  •  Is licensed and insured.
  •  Gives you a clear timeline for completion.
  •  Provides you with a detailed estimate.
  •  Has excellent reviews for similar work.

Final Thoughts

If your commercial building needs a new drywall ceiling, getting it repaired by a professional as soon as possible is a good idea. Having a new ceiling that looks beautiful can improve the appeal of your building to your customers and employees. It can also help improve your employee morale since it will be a newer, cleaner look to your existing building. Contact the experts at Magnum Drywall today to get started.